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When you take care of yourself with our eco beauty products, not only do you benefit, but so does your family, friends, pets and planet. 💕

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“I had dry, sensitive skin.  Slathering on more and more expensive creams made it worse. I’d especially dreaded winter, which is when it would get really bad.
     I eventually realized my skin’s natural protective barrier was weakened and couldn’t handle the chemicals found in many creams and lotions.

 Using  Eco-biotica natural products really turned things around for me. I found the eco-powerful  plant oils, butters and bio-actives to be regenerative and healing. 
     Initially, I used the cream-to-lotion moisturizer bar 3-5 times a day.  After about a week, my skin seemed less thirsty, and only needed moisturizing about twice a day.   
As my skin barrier function improved, my skin became healthier, and I needed to moisturize less and less. 
     Now, daily moisturizing is optional for me. 

Try “Youthify Me Daily” bar-to-lotion moisturizer on a…well, daily basis 😉  for younger looking skin.

Or may be our olive oil and jojoboa ‘daily defender’ is more your thing?

If you have dry, mature or sensitive skin and aren’t moisturizing daily, it’s time to up your game.
     Dryness, shallow wrinkles, itchiness, and sensitivity, are some signs your skin’s protective lipid barrier is struggling.  
     Our skin needs a little TLC with products that can put lipids and hydration back into the skin. 
     With a patented botanical lipid complex, and plant-based bio-actives, Youthify Me Daily moisturizer might be the TLC your skin needs.

We are

Eco, Sustainable, Full Circle

Full circle Beauty

Our ingredients: Eco-friendly seed butters, plant oils and amazing botanical actives.

Our guiding principles:  Ecocert, Cosmos and green chemistry standards.

Our packaging: Beyond recycling with zero-waste aspirations.

Our results:  Eco-beautiful you –  nature helping you and your family to look and feel their best.

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