We're Getting Our Eco On

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We source vegetarian and vegan ingredients that are renewable and are responsibly managed. We also consider social and financial factors for a big picture view of sustainability.

Eco Partners

We use standards from several eco-protective groups to guide our ingredient and formulation choices, such as Ecocert, Cosmos, and Green Chemistry Institute to name a few.

Green Chemistry

We apply the 12 principles of green chemistry to our formulations and manufacturing processes. Deliver safe products and prevent pollution.


Natural products that work and customers love? Formulated to conserve water and energy?
Eco-friendly packaging and mailing materials?
.... and that's how we get our eco on! 🙂

Zero Waste

We strive to have a sustainable supply chain, eliminating waste where possible.
We look to partner with packaging vendors who are members of the sustainable packaging coalition (SPC).

Sheralyn Carroll is the owner
and founder of Eco-biotica™


Hi and welcome to the Eco-biotica™ website.  I’m so glad you found us.  I’m excited to introduce you to our Eco-powerful™ skin and hair care products.   

  • We’ve  four zero waste products, with more on the design board. 
  • The packaging we use goes beyond the concept of recyclable to actually include recycled materials.
  • Our traditional products will get a packaging makeover in the near future. 

I hope you find our  eco-friendly products  help you look and feel your best.  

Our story

About twelve years ago, I started a natural skin care company after solving  a problem conventional (and expensive) cosmetics couldn’t. 

I found my skin very dry, overly sensitive and prematurely wrinkling as the collagen collapsed.  I moisturized my face up to 5 times a day with a very expensive brand, yet my skin started to really burn with each application and seemed to be getting worse.

I’ve always believed that nature has the power to heal.  With a background in herbs, essential oils and science , I believed my answer could be found in nature and natural.

After much research and formulation experiments, I brought to market the best that nature has to offer in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. 

We proved that natural formulations could help heal and repair skin. Our customers loved the phenomenal results natural delivered for them, especially those people who had sensitive skin or allergies.

However, I found out that being just a manufacturer turning out units of products wasn’t satisfying, even though people benefited from the products.  Something seemed to be missing, so I walked away from my first business. 

Recently, after completing my diploma in organic hair care formulation, I found my passion for making skin and hair care products re-ignited, but I knew I didn’t want the old business model.    I wanted something more customer-centric, more hands on and meaningful rather than production-focused.

 Enter Eco-biotica™, my new business.  We bring safe, effective natural products to help our customers look and feel their best.  But even better, we tap into the power of Eco as we source, manufacture and deliver product.  

We create Eco-powerful products that benefits people, pets and planet by taking a holistic approach to meeting customer needs (economy) balanced with the long-term needs of sustainability (ecology). 

I love creating Eco-powerful products in my artisan GMP-compliant workshop.  I have such a rich and rewarding sense of eco-community as I connect my customers to products they need and enjoy.   I’m also willing to do a little custom work if they have a special need accommodated. 

Now, all I have to do is find my Eco tribe – the customers who love these products as much as I do and also want to tap into the power of Eco.  Your purchase decisions can make a big impact on our planet 🙂  That is part of the power of Eco.


What is sustainability? Dr. David Suzuki shares his thoughts on the topic.

I’ve had several people ask me what does “eco” mean?  What is sustainability? This can be a pretty heavy topic, and I don’t want to get into the politics of it.   What I can say, is that over time, I’ve figured it out what it means to me and what my role in this could be.  There are some amazing sustainability experts out there . I hope you find Dr. Suzki’s talk on a sustainable future interesting.